Our Company

My background for lighting was in the entertainment industry, In the earlier 90s I began supplying and designing entertainment lighting for clubs and bars, as well as setting up intelligent lighting systems and programming them. I spent many hours programming lighting for dance parties, live shows etc. I become a reseller and supplier HighEnd Systems from USA, for intelligent show lighting and control systems to the New Zealand production market, Supplying controllers and hiring of lighting to Dancing With The Stars New Zealand production team. I was the first to introduce the DL1 Digital Graphic Robotic Moving Heads from High End Systems USA to the New Zealand market in 2005. In 2008 I moved to Perth and took an interest in the growing market and capabilities of LED lighting. I set up a lighting Distrbution business (ATL Lighting & Effects) And began selling LED lighting to hotels, bars, restaurants and homes. In 2014 I returned home to Christchurch, New Zealand and focus on supplying high quality LED lighting to the industrial and commercial market. It’s been exciting to provide Business with quality lighting solutions to lower the energy cost whilst at the same time improving the lighting for the working environment. Im confident though hard work and trial and test to provide the very best in energy efficient lighting, I have been asked to supply lighting to business around the world , In 2017 ATL Lighting Systems moved in to the LED Screen business with providing LED Transparent Screens and interactive screens for  business. ATL Focus on leading edge technology in lighting and media advertising products to give our clients the edge, we continue to update our products to keep a ahead and keeping a focus on the future. Recently partnered with Spotted Zebra form London and other hardware companies who are producing interactive glass screens and Mulit touch screens for businesses around the world as well has have dealers in Australia, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,UK, Italy, Ireland, Brazil