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Australian and New Zealand based I'm currently living in two counties going back and forth from Australia & New Zealand although currently spending most of my time in Christchurch working on earthquake damage homes and commercial and industrial facilities, I have State managers in Perth and Melbourne and Christchurch. We Supply top quality energy saving Induction and LED Lighting To Australian and New Zealand wholesalers, for warehouse, car parks, street lighting, hotels, construction, building, mining, business, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, commercial premises, apartments and homes. Project LED and INDUCTION lighting consultation we have worked with Perth city on car park projects, local city projects on lighting for recreational area's, gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool areas, offices, warehouse and maintenance shops etc. We supply direct from the manufacturer to keep cost down to clients. Online worldwide wholesale trade Induction and LED lighting. Need advice or help with lighting. We can do 3D rendering for your lighting projects. Buy quality products direct and save $$$.

ATL Supply Wholesale LED & Induction Lighting to Australia and New Zealand with leading edge manufacturers with top name brands. We can supply direct from the manufacturer to clients thus lowing cost to end users and improving ROI. Maintaining stocks to cover warranties we also offer consultation on projects and work with clients to meet budgets without sacrificing quality. We have financing available for our clients and often they are able to pay the monthly payments out of the savings of their energy. We have a vast amount of the latest lighting technology and we tailor the right fittings for the projects. What our client like is a choice and we have a variety to choose from. We have worked with Architects  and City Councils such as Perth City Council on the induction lighting projects for Perth City Convention Centre car parks.  We supply led replacement bulbs and fittings to villa's, offices, malls, stores, hotels, care facilities, hospitals, restaurants, motels, offices, building projects and homes. we also supply LVD Induction lighting for car-parks, Street lighting, building projects, industrial buildings, park lighting etc. We have an international online store where you can purchase directly. Buy online at wholesale prices and get free delivery.  
Supply to Australia and New Zealand as well as worldwide delivery.

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