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Digital Advertising Screens FAQ's

1. When did you realize you needed a product or service like ours?

   - When our previous advertising methods were not attracting enough customers.   - When we wanted to modernize our marketing approach.   - When we saw the potential impact of visual advertising on customer engagement.

2. What problem does our product/service fix for you?

   - Helps us reach a wider audience effectively.   - Enhances our brand visibility and recognition.   - Simplifies the process of creating and managing advertising content.

3. Did you consider any alternatives to buying/working with us?

   - We compared different digital display solutions in the market.   - We evaluated the option of continuing with traditional advertising methods.   - We explored in-house development of a digital display system.

4. What concerns or hesitations did you have before you decided to buy/work with us?

   - Reliability in terms of technical support and maintenance.   - Initial investment cost and return on investment.   - Compatibility with our existing marketing strategies and platforms.


Businesses often face challenges related to attracting customers, staying competitive in the market, and effectively engaging with their target audience. By recognizing the need for a product or service like ATL Visual Technology, businesses can address these challenges and ultimately improve their overall success. Here's how ATL Visual Technology specifically addresses the problems mentioned:

1. Previous advertising methods not attracting enough customers: 

Traditional advertising methods like print ads or radio commercials may not be as effective in today's digital age. ATL Visual Technology offers cutting-edge digital display solutions that are visually appealing, engaging, and attention-grabbing. By using dynamic digital displays, businesses can capture the attention of their target audience and increase customer engagement.

2. Desire to modernize marketing approach: 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses need to stay innovative and adapt to changing consumer preferences. ATL Visual Technology provides state-of-the-art digital display technology that enables businesses to showcase their products or services in a modern and interactive way. By embracing digital signage, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to innovation and differentiate themselves from competitors.

3. Realization of the potential impact of visual advertising on customer engagement: 

Visual content is known to be more engaging and memorable than text-based content. ATL Visual Technology specializes in creating visually compelling digital displays that captivate viewers and drive customer engagement. By incorporating eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations, businesses can create immersive brand experiences that resonate with their target audience and leave a lasting impression.
 ATL Visual Technology offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges businesses face in effective advertising and marketing. By leveraging the power of visual technology, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies, attract more customers, and ultimately achieve greater success in today's competitive business landscape.

4. Reliability in terms of technical support and maintenance:

ATL Visual Tec offers top-quality technical support and maintenance services to ensure that your digital displays are always up and running smoothly. Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing timely assistance and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. By partnering with ATL Visual Tec, businesses can count on reliable support to minimize downtime and disruptions to their operations.

5. Initial investment cost and return on investment:

While the initial investment cost for digital display solutions can sometimes be perceived as high, ATL Visual Tec focuses on providing cost-effective options tailored to your budget and needs. We understand the importance of achieving a return on investment, and our solutions are designed to deliver value over the long term. By choosing ATL Visual Tec, businesses can benefit from innovative technology that enhances customer engagement and boosts brand visibility, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

6. Compatibility with existing marketing strategies and platforms:

ATL Visual Tec emphasizes compatibility and integration with your existing marketing strategies and platforms. Whether you are using social media, content management systems, or other advertising channels, our digital display solutions can be seamlessly integrated to enhance and complement your current marketing efforts. This ensures consistency in branding and messaging across all platforms, leading to a more cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.Overall, ATL Visual Technology is dedicated to providing reliable, cost-effective, and compatible digital display solutions that address key challenges faced by businesses today. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in helping businesses succeed in the digital world.

What does COB stand for in LED video panel And why is it important?

COB stands for Chip on Board. In the realm of LED video panels, COB technology signifies that the LED chips are directly mounted on a circuit board, enhancing compactness and efficiency. This innovative design enables superior heat dissipation and elevated brightness levels. Essentially, COB LEDs in video panels deliver brighter, clearer images and enhanced overall performance. It's akin to having a potent light source condensed into a small space, resulting in striking visuals! 

COB (Chip-on-Board)

Technical Details:

Assembly Process: COB technology involves mounting multiple bare LED dies directly onto a substrate, usually a printed circuit board (PCB), in a compact configuration. The LED dies are then interconnected using wire bonding, and an encapsulating layer is applied to protect the LEDs and enhance light extraction.
Optical Performance: Due to the high packing density of the LED dies, COB modules exhibit superior light uniformity and higher luminous flux output per unit area. This high packing density minimizes the "spotlight" effect, providing a smooth and consistent light output.Thermal Management: COB modules benefit from effective thermal dissipation due to the large contact area between the LED dies and the substrate. The substrate, often made of materials with high thermal conductivity like aluminum or copper, helps in spreading and dissipating heat efficiently, thus improving the LED's longevity and performance.
Professional Applications:High-Intensity Lighting: Used in applications requiring intense and uniform illumination, such as industrial high bay lights, street lighting, and floodlights.Architectural Lighting: Employed in scenarios where compact yet powerful light sources are needed, such as in track lights, downlights, and spotlights for museums, galleries, and retail spaces.

GOB (Glue-on-Board)

Technical Details:

Assembly Process: GOB technology involves the application of a transparent, protective adhesive layer over the entire LED module, covering both the LEDs and the PCB. This adhesive layer is typically a high-transparency epoxy resin or silicone material, which cures to form a solid, protective barrier.
Mechanical Protection: The primary advantage of GOB is the robust protection it offers against mechanical impacts, dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. The adhesive layer encapsulates the LEDs, safeguarding them from external damage and extending their operational life.Optical Clarity: The adhesive used in GOB is formulated to maintain high optical clarity, ensuring that it does not significantly impede the light output or alter the color temperature of the LEDs.Professional Applications:
Outdoor Displays: Ideal for LED screens and billboards exposed to harsh weather conditions, where durability and reliability are critical.
Rental and Staging: Commonly used in rental displays and event staging, where the LED panels are frequently handled, transported, and reassembled, requiring high resilience to physical damage.Sports Arenas and Public Spaces: Suitable for environments with high traffic and potential for impact, such as stadium scoreboards, transit displays, and public information screens.Summary of Key Differences
Manufacturing Focus:COB: Emphasizes high packing density, thermal management, and light efficiency.GOB: Prioritizes mechanical protection, environmental resistance, and ease of maintenance.Performance Characteristics:COB: Delivers higher luminous efficacy, better thermal performance, and superior light uniformity.GOB: Offers enhanced durability, environmental protection, and reliability in rugged conditions.

Typical Use Cases:

COB: Best for high-power, precision lighting applications like industrial, architectural, and commercial lighting.GOB: Ideal for outdoor, rental, and high-impact environments where longevity and robustness are essential.

HOB: Hotmelt on the Board

HOB LED packaging technology refers to a special treatment of the screen surface using nano-level high-factor materials to create a matte insulation layer that fully encapsulates the LED chips, isolating them from the external environment. This effectively enhances product stability, prolongs product life, and the heat dissipation is very good, the screen surface will not leave fingerprints.
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