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From The ATL Director

What are the advantages of purchasing  from ATL Lighting & Digital Display


1)  Because ATL supplies to the world 🌎 wide market rather than just local, manufactures and especially their sales people see ATL as a huge help to market their products. In China their sales people are often low paid and are easily replaced if they dont meet quotas, Problem they have is tapping into foreign market especially the west., also they have limited contacts, for example many architects have no interest in dealing with sales people from manufactures or accepting them on social or business media, however ATL literally have thousands of business contacts from around the world in a varity of differnt industries, therefore Manufacture's sales people see ATL as a big solution to this if they get us on board. I am picky who I choose. 2nd. Because I have built up thousands of contacts into a variety of diverse markets, These manufactures often give me special deals and put me a head of the line for new technologies as well as service for my clients, I’m constantly in touch every week from them pitching new products or improvements on existing ones. This I pass on to my clients.  3rd, ATL has a unique background being directly involved with production and marketing, so with that knowledge it gives us a heads up on new products and their advantages and disadvantages and I know through experience the questions to ask, just because its a new product doesn’t make it a good seller, from my marketing experience I know what issues people have with signage and visual technology and how to match and fit the best products for their project or budget.  4) I have worked with resellers and end user on projects, I have for example a number of projects with architects who come to me wanting the right product to fit their design for visual signage applications, I get the images, measurements etc and I will use this to go to a number of different manufactures to come up with the best solution, I literally work with dozens of visual manufactures and then offer my clients the best of which will fit their requirements. 5) Because of my building up contacts in most countries over the years, these people contacting me because of my post on social media platforms like LinkedIn, I get inquiries from end users that need help on projects and products, I will make a recommendation and if I have a reseller in that country will contact them to follow up with my recommendations and often will result in a sale for that company, in effect the resellers is getting free marketing and it results in a win win for both of us. As example a couple of years ago a project team for Paris International Airport we’re building a new terminal they had seen my post about adhesive transparent screens, They wanted a demo so the nearest reseller who had samples to show were in Italy, they set up a meeting and did the demonstration, unfortunately as it turns out they didnt have the budget to do want they wanted for this project with our transparent screen, however they were working with Rome International Airport who had a project and recommended our transparent video screen, for my dealer it resulted in a large sale, The project was to cover 3 glass elevator facades with adhesive screen. 
 Because we work directly with the manufactures we are able to get very competive factory prices and ship from the factory to our clients saving our clients time and money. Any issues with setting up our products we have the engineers from the factory who can talk you through any issue, often using video calls to clients to troubleshoot with them directing at no cost. If you get a local tech to come in they spend hours and charging you a large sum for their time, our experts often solve issues for clients within 5-10 minutes. 
So if you have a visual project on and are looking for the right product with excellent service save your self alot of time and contact us.

Phone +64 21 1914 524