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"Revolutionise your Meetings with the iHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel - The Future of Productivity is Here!"

Introducing the iHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel: Your Ultimate Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Conference RoomsDesigned to create a fully-equipped conference center, the iHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel is specifically tailored for small and medium-sized conference room scenarios. It offers a seamless integration of cutting-edge features including high-definition display, digital whiteboard, 4K camera, array microphone, intelligent central control, and high-quality audio.
Equipped with the advanced Windows 10 IoT system, this flat panel meets all your conference needs, from presentation and writing to interaction, collaboration, sharing, video, data security, and even environment monitoring and control throughout the entire meeting process.Key Features:
1. Immersive Display: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals on the expansive 86-inch DLED LCD display with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a sleek narrow frame design. It also supports USB multimedia file playback, giving you the flexibility to showcase multimedia content effortlessly.
2. Enhanced Audio and Video: Capture every word with the built-in 1200W pixel high-definition camera and 8 array microphones, offering exceptional sound pickup up to 10m. Automatic noise reduction, automatic gain, echo cancellation, and sound source localization further enhance the audio experience. Additionally, the flat panel is equipped with a 2.1-channel professional audio system, allowing you to choose from 5 scene sound effects: standard, conference, human voice, music, and cinema.
3. Precision Touchscreen: Enjoy seamless interaction with the high-precision touch capability, offering remarkable 1.6mm fine recognition for precise and responsive touch control.
4. Versatile Connectivity: Connect effortlessly with the support of a Type-C full-featured interface, enabling screen projection, reverse control, and audio and video signal transmission functions. HDMI and DP ports ensure compatibility with various devices, supporting 4K 60Hz loop-through output and 4K 60Hz input respectively.
5. Enhanced Visual Experience: The screen and screen protection layer feature zero bonding technology, effectively reducing light reflection. The anti-glare AG tempered glass minimizes ambient light interference, screen reflection, and glare, offering a comfortable viewing experience even in well-lit environments. The hardware-level anti-blue light feature filters harmful high-energy short-wave blue light, enabling long-term viewing without fatigue. Furthermore, the flat panel supports an impressive 85% high color gamut, delivering clearer images, vivid colors, and saturated hues.
6. Intelligent Security Features: Protect your conference information with the detachable camera array microphone module. Designed with a 12pogo pin magnetic interface, it ensures seamless and secure connection without separate wiring. Furthermore, advanced security measures prevent any possibility of conference information leakage, such as automatic encryption of meeting materials, automatic burning of materials after the meeting, and overall interface watermarking to prevent photo recording and leakage of meeting information.
7. Multi-functionality: The iHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel offers a wide range of functions to enhance your meeting experience. These include support for quick meetings, ad hoc meetings, multi-person discussions, brainstorming, and even confidential meetings, where materials cannot be downloaded, presentation materials are automatically encrypted, and interface watermarking covers the entire meeting to prevent information leakage. The flat panel also supports the installation of third-party video conferencing software for seamless remote video conferencing, complete with intelligent framing and speaker tracking. Additionally, it allows for quick voting and custom voting/scoring, offering voting and satisfaction evaluation templates with scanning code or hand-raising options. Finally, the flat panel supports convenient scan code sign-in, providing real-time display of sign-ins during the meeting.
8. Flexible Recording Options: Record your conferences effortlessly with 2K or 4K resolution support. Store your screen recordings through various options including scanning code, local storage, conference storage, or U disk storage.With the iHUB Intelligent Conference Flat Panel, elevate your conference room experience to unprecedented levels of productivity, collaboration, and innovation. Empower

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