Interactive Intelligent Flat Panel

Introducing the Interactive Intelligent Flat Panel Model TV-75820 ITC Series!

Experience the future of conferencing and teaching with our state-of-the-art interactive intelligent flat panel. With its integrated functional modules for presentation, writing, interaction, and sharing, you can effortlessly create a paperless conference or teaching scenario, promoting efficiency and harmony.Key Features:- Immerse yourself in stunning 4K UHD display with zero lamination design and AG tempered glass, offering a high color gamut for vibrant visuals.
- Enjoy the convenience of the built-in Android operating system and the option to add an ultra-thin plug-in PC module.
- Benefit from optimized touch algorithms for lightning-fast response, smooth writing, and seamless presentations.
- Easily control signal sources, adjust volume, and more with a simple touch on the display.
- Utilize the panel even under direct sunlight without any loss of functionality due to its anti-light interference capabilities.
- Conveniently wake up the device in standby mode with the intelligent HDMI channel signal input smart wake-up function.
- Navigate effortlessly with the touch menu, featuring return key, menu operation, task preview, channel switching, volume adjustment, shortcut whiteboard, and more.- Annotate on any channel with the writing annotation function.
- Enjoy the convenience of channel memory, which automatically takes you to the home page upon booting, and the ability to customize and name channels.- Wake up the device intelligently with HDMI channel signal input in standby mode.- Stay connected with wireless screen transmission capability.
- Benefit from the latest WIFI 6 technology for faster, more reliable connections.- Experience optimal viewing conditions with intelligent light sensing feature for automatic backlight adjustment.
- Capture your screen, utilize the electronic whiteboard, and add handwritten annotations to meet the diverse requirements of training classes.
Experience the ultimate in interactive and intelligent flat panel technology with the TV-75820. Elevate your conferencing and teaching to new heights with its innovative features and seamless performance.

Revolutionise Your TV Experience with the Mind-Blowing Interactive Intelligent Flat Panel TV-65830E"

The Interactive Intelligent Flat Panel TV-65830E is a cutting-edge multimedia flat panel that seamlessly integrates various functional modules such as presentation, writing, human-computer interaction, and content sharing. This comprehensive application platform is designed to transform and upgrade teaching methods, providing an intelligent interactive experience for teachers and students alike.Key Features:1. Sleek Design: With a narrow frame design and a UHD LED LCD screen, the TV-65830E boasts a resolution of 3840*2160 and a display ratio of 16:9, offering an immersive viewing experience. The anti-glare effect ensures optimal visibility even under high illumination conditions (110K Lux).
2. Vibrant Display: Enjoy rich color details and high color reproduction with a color gamut of ≥ NTSC 72%. The TV-65830E guarantees sharpness and layering of the display effect with its more than 128 grayscale resolution levels.
3. Paper-like Writing Experience: The fit technology combined with a surface tempered glass (7H hardness) provides a seamless, zero-distance writing experience. The tempered glass protects the screen while enhancing clarity, transparency, and wide viewing angles.
4. Eye Protection: The TV-65830E includes a blue light reducing function, activated with a single touch of the menu button. The whole machine can sense and adjust screen brightness automatically, ensuring optimal display effects in any lighting environment.
5. Advanced Touch Technology: This flat panel utilizes infrared touch technology, supporting dual-system multi-touch writing. It enables up to 20 touch writings in Android and up to 40 touch controls in the Windows system.
6. Powerful Sound: Featuring a 2.0 sound channel high-power independent cavity speaker and front-end sound structure design, the TV-65830E delivers clear and textured audio output.
7. Seamless Connectivity: Built-in wireless network module enables Wi-Fi wireless internet connection and AP wireless hotspot transmission without external antennas or network cards. It supports 2.4G & 5G frequency bands and conforms to IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax standard.
8. Versatile Interface: The front TypeC interface allows for full-featured audiovisual input. Connecting an external device to the TV-65830E via a standard TypeC cable enables projection display on the large screen and touch computer operation without additional cables.
9. Easy Network Deployment: Equipped with dual RJ45 network interfaces, the TV-65830E facilitates connection sharing among external devices. The input and output terminals are automatically identified and used, requiring only one wired network cable for simple deployment.
10. Convenient Navigation: Virtual buttons on the left and right sidebars provide quick access to functions such as returning, home page, whiteboard, annotation, multitasking management, signal source, and tools. The TV-65830E also supports customization of applications and shortcut tools.
11. Enhanced Collaboration: In the Android system, the TV-65830E enables two-screen display and task collaboration through the use of shortcut tools accessible via the sidebars. Notification features allow for writing and presenting pictures and documents, entering annotation mode, and sharing via scanning codes.
12. Central Control Menu: The TV-65830E's central control menu offers easy access to common functions such as return, home page, task preview, menu setting, one-key whiteboard, and all-channel screen annotation. Customizable with six shortcut applications, the central control menu can be automatically hidden, maximizing the display area.
13. Convenient Operation: The three-button-in-one design consolidates the power switch button, OPS computer switch button, and energy-saving standby button into a single physical button, ensuring effortless operation.
The Interactive Intelligent Flat Panel TV-65830E is the perfect solution for modern classrooms, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces, offering a seamless and interactive visual experience for enhanced teaching and collaboration.

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