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Experience a New Era of Visual Advertising with the MovioVision Mobile LED Video Poster"

Introducing the all-new MovioVision Mobile LED Video poster, now bigger and better than ever! With a massive size of 640mm wide and 1920mm tall, this mobile LED video poster is perfect for exhibition and retail environments.
One of the standout features of the MovioVision Mobile LED Video poster is its lightweight and mobile design. Easily move it around to different locations without any hassle. Whether you need to showcase your products at a trade show or attract customers in your retail store, this mobile LED video poster is the perfect solution.
But the impressive features don't stop there. The MovioVision Mobile LED Video poster also comes with TOP-COB Technology High Protection. Through the TOP-COB process, the surface coating and PCBA board are fully sealed with epoxy resin, providing enhanced protection from physical damage. Not only that, but it is also anti-fog, salt/dust-proof, easy to clean, abrasion-proof, damp-proof, anti-collision, antistatic, anti oil-pollution, and anti-oxidation, ensuring durability and longevity.
Controlling the M-Poster is a breeze with its wireless control capabilities. Simply use the app to change the content, adjust the brightness, and more. Say goodbye to complicated controls and hello to seamless management.
Maintenance is made easy with full frontal access. No need to worry about complicated installations or difficult operations. The M-Poster can be easily installed and managed from the front side, allowing for smooth operation. LED modules can also be attached or detached with a simple tool, saving you time and effort.
Additionally, the MovioVision Mobile LED Video poster offers multi-poster tiling. Connect individual M-Posters together to form larger displays. This seamless connection ensures a visually stunning and cohesive advertising experience.
Upgrade your exhibition or retail space with the MovioVision Mobile LED Video poster. With its impressive size, lightweight design, TOP-COB Technology High Protection, wireless control, easy maintenance, and multi-poster tiling capabilities, this mobile LED video poster is the perfect tool to attract attention and showcase your products. Don't miss out on this opportunity – get yours today!


Great for retail and exhibitions

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Multiple Units Connected

Splice the units to create one large screen.

How To Connect Together

How to connect seamlessly together

Dust Free and Impact Resistant LED Vdeo Screen

One of the major advantages of our MovioVision mobile LED Video Posters is the impacting resistance screen using GOB technology. What is GOB technology?

GOB, or Glue on Board, refers to a packaging technology aimed at improving the protection of LED screens. This innovative technique involves applying a layer of adhesive on the surface of the modules to effectively safeguard the entire screen.

The primary purpose of GOB is to address the issue of LED diode protection. By utilizing a state-of-the-art transparent material, the process entails encapsulating the substrate and its LED packaging unit to create robust shielding.

This cutting-edge material not only boasts exceptional transparency, but also exhibits remarkable thermal conductivity. As a result, GOB LED displays can be seamlessly adapted to diverse and challenging environments. Noteworthy features include superior resistance to moisture, water, dust, impact, and UV. Right now we have 30% off on our MovioVision mobile video poster. 

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