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 🌟 Introducing the revolutionary SpinVision Double-Sided Moving Head Posters by ATL Visual Tec! 

🤖 Step into the future with our innovative SpinVision LED Kiosk that offers both single and double-sided displays. With the ability to rotate a full 360° in either direction or back and forth, your message will captivate audiences from every angle, maximizing your advertising impact.🔆 Choose between double or single-sided LED options and set the rotation to suit your needs. With pixel pitch options ranging from P1.55 to P3.91, a brightness of 700-800nits, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, your content will shine bright and clear.
📱 Experience effortless management up close with each SpinVision equipped with a media player for easy access via 4G/5G, WiFi, internet, USB, HDMI, and more. Control your display right from your smartphone using the built-in hotspot and dedicated app.🌐 Seamlessly manage multiple units for a smart and efficient advertising solution that's perfect for exhibits, events, stations, airports, shopping malls, metro stations, and beyond.Don't miss out on this cutting-edge technology! Elevate your advertising game with Transformer Double-Sided Moving Head Posters today. Contact us for more information and special promotions! 🚀 #TransformYourMessage 

These posters are highly sought after for exhibitions due to their impressive specs. 

Each poster comes equipped with two large screens, each measuring 2m x 1m. The screens are mounted on a single platform that moves and rotates, providing a total screen space of 4 square meters. This, coupled with its easy and quick setup (just remove the screen from the roadcase stand and you're good to go), makes it an excellent value for money when it comes to clients showcasing their products or messages. Moreover, the Transformer Posters come with in-built controllers, ensuring that you won't need any external controllers. You can easily program and upload content using smart devices.The SpinVision Moving Head Double Sided Video Poster. These posters are a must-have for exhibitions due to their impressive specs. The Transformer Posters come equipped with two large 2m x 1m screens that are mounted on a single platform that can move and rotate. This provides a total screen space of 4 square meters, making it ideal for showcasing products or messages on a large scale. The unit can be set up quickly and easily, just remove the screen from the roadcase stand and you're good to go! The Transformer Posters come with in-built controllers, ensuring that you won't need any external controllers. You can easily program and upload content using smart devices. 


Size of Display 2m high x 1m wide

The LED Kiosk with both single or double sides. It can rotate 360° clockwise or counter clockwise, or rotate back and forth in a set factor. Contents on screens is conveyed to audiences at any view angles and it improves advertising effectiveness.

Multible SpinVision Operated Via Cloud

Each is equipped with a media player (combination of single-chip & simplified processor) with accesses of 4G / 5G, WiFi, internet, USB, HDMI... A smart phone can connect to the WiFi with built-in hotspot of the media player and can manage it via an APP.

Smart & Efficient Management on Multiple Units

Contol Base

Mobile control base with universal wheels, easy push buttons to control rotating speed and stationary

Splice Multible Screens To Enlarge one Image

Easy to Operate  No Need For External Contoller


Perfect for Exhibions


Exhibits and Events, Retail, Stations, Airports, Shopping Malls, Metro Stations and more.

Shopping Centres

City Malls

Trian Stations

There's a lot to be excited about with the Double Sided Rotating Video Poster!

- The screen size is impressive at 2 meters high x 1 meter wide.- With two large screens on each side, you get a total of 4sqm of screen space!- Combine 4 units to create 1 large screen, one on each side, giving you a whopping 16sqm of screen for your products and promotions.- Use the units individually or as one large screen for maximum flexibility.- The unit base allows the Poster to rotate slowly, making it a real attention-grabber.Introducing the SpinVision Poster, perfect for exhibitions, events, and in-store retail advertising. 

         Questions And Answers

Understanding the psychological factors that make moving objects and images more captivating than static ones can significantly enhance advertising strategies. Here's how motion plays a crucial role in engaging audiences:

1. Motion Detection Mechanism: Our visual system instinctually detects motion for survival. Moving objects trigger our motion detection system, making them stand out.

2. Attention-grabbing: Movement naturally attracts attention, signaling change or importance to our brains.

3. Visual Stimulation: Moving elements provide heightened visual stimulation, captivating and engaging viewers effectively.

4. Brain Activation: Seeing motion activates multiple brain areas, increasing focus and interest in the moving content.

When creating a moving head video advertising poster, consider these key factors for maximum effectiveness:

Dynamic Elements: Incorporate moving text, graphics, or video clips within the poster to grab attention.

Smooth Transitions: Ensure fluid movement for a visually appealing and attention-grabbing experience.

Call-to-Action: Direct viewer focus using movement towards a specific call-to-action, such as a clickable button or highlighted information.

Storytelling: Utilize motion to craft a narrative that resonates with the audience, enhancing message delivery. See the New Transformer Moving Head Video Poster! Contact us to learn more and for pricing.

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