"Experience the Unbelievable Magic of CityVision+: The World's Most Advanced Smart LED Pole Screen!"

CityVision+ is our branded LED Screen for city street poles, an ideal replacement for the traditional light pole banner.

With a cluster controller, the LED displays can be changed the videos or photos by mobile phone or computer in real-time.

Features of our OUTDOOR LED Screen/Display include:


There are several advantages for cities to use double-sided LED video screens on city street poles. Here are some key advantages:

1. Enhanced Communication: LED video screens provide cities with a highly effective communication tool. They can be used to display important public safety information, emergency alerts, relevant news updates, local event promotions, public service announcements, and other important messages.2. Increased Engagement: LED video screens can capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists, as they provide dynamic and visually appealing content. This enhances engagement with the displayed information and helps to convey messages more effectively.3. Versatile and Interactive: Double-sided LED video screens offer greater flexibility in terms of the content that can be displayed. They can showcase static images, videos, animations, social media feeds, live event streams, and more. This versatility allows cities to adapt the content based on specific events, seasons, or promotions. Interactive features can also be integrated to encourage audience participation and engagement.4. Cost-effective Advertising: These screens can be used as advertising spaces to generate revenue for the city or serve as a platform to promote local businesses and activities. The ability to cater to a large audience on a busy street can make it an attractive advertising medium for marketers and businesses.5. Aesthetically Pleasing: LED video screens can enhance the architectural appeal of cities while also offering a modern and sophisticated look. Their sleek design and vibrant display can contribute to the overall aesthetic of the urban environment.6. Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly: LED technology is known for its energy efficiency, consuming less power compared to traditional lighting. This reduces energy costs and lowers the carbon footprint of the city.7. Real-time Updates: These screens can be easily updated with real-time information, allowing cities to quickly communicate changes in traffic, weather conditions, public transportation schedules, and other time-dependent information.By utilizing double-sided LED video screens on city street poles, cities can effectively communicate with their residents and visitors, enhance engagement, generate revenue, and create a modern and dynamic urban environment.

Single Sided LED Pole Screen

Single-sided outdoor LED pole screen is specially designed for smart city lamppost installation.

The outstanding performance of heat dissipation and waterproof effect make it an all-weather withstanding outdoor smart device that integrates Internet, Internet of Things, and remote interaction function into one.

 "Seamless Operation Made Simple - Unveiling Our User-Friendly, Plug and Play Solution with Advanced Control Capabilities"

Die-cast Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Single-sided LED Pole Screen

Size Diagram

Outdoor LED Poster Parameters

Quality Assurance 

Withstand high temperature up to 65℃

Less heat emission:

• Big chip LED module

• 1G memory storage in sending card

 Choose components that can work at high temperatureHeat dissipation efficiency:

• Optimal layout of power supply and control system

• Double quantity of fans

• Large ventilations holes

• Cable and wires in straight way

Withstand low temperature -20℃

Novastar T30 Multiple Networked Cluster Management

Remote Control System: 

ADSL, 3G, 4G,WIFI, Fiber, LAN connecting are available. Can be operated via mobile phone, tablet, PC computer.Cluster Management System: Quantity panels could be managed in one.
Intelligent monitor and auto adjusting:Each panel working performance such brightness, voltage etc could be monitored and adjusted according to working circumstance. It also can auto shutdown, auto restart, auto brightness adjusting.

Multi-programs Displaying: Video: AVI, MPG, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, WMV, TS etc.

Photo: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF etc.

Message: News, Stock Information, Weather Information etc and real update.


Double Sided LED Smart Pole Screen

Double-sided smart mounted LED screen is specially designed for outdoor lamp pole installation.

The outstanding performance of heat dissipation and waterproof effect make it an all-weather withstanding outdoor smart device that integrates Internet, Internet of Things, and remote interaction function into one.

User-friendly, plug and play, easy to operate thanks to the highly intelligent controlling system.

Aluminium Alloy Double-sided LED Pole Screen

Size Diagram

Smart Pole Screen Parameters 

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