Gas Station Billboard 

Outdoor Pole LED Display
Our outdoor pole LED double sided screen is excellent for Gas stations from informing the public on update fuel prices.

Features of our OUTDOOR LED Screen/Display include:** high brightness of up to 7000nits** high resolution and definition of image** intelligent remote cluster control to monitor play status at real time** plug and play** IP65 for outdoor use.They are highly modular, smart and sustainable, easy maintenance and installation. Customised design is acceptable.
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LED Gas Price Screen is an ideal replacement for the conventional colossal price sign in a gas station.

The outstanding performance of heat dissipation and waterproof effect make it an all-weather withstanding outdoor smart device that integrates Internet, Internet of Things, and remote interaction function into one.It is elegant in appearance, ready for plug and play, easy to operate thanks to the highly intelligent controlling system. With the cutting-edge digital technology, it provides live update of fuel price and allows the gas station owners to change message throughout the course of a whole day and night, including integration, countdowns, and conditional contents(weather, or temperature).It also enables instaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real time to current events and market conditions, to boost brand recognition and stimulate sales.


* High resolution, with P5.556 LED SMD screen on both sides, display area of 1400 x 2200mm, The contents in the screen image have high impact even for viewers from long distance.* High brightness, up to 7000nits, highly visible even during the day time under the sunshine* Energy-saving, low power consumption, User-friendly, plug and play device, with all the configurations already pre-set.* Live updated fuel price, saving tremendous labour of manually price changing* Cluster control service, available for operator to manage the simultaneous broadcasting contents in LED Petrol Signs from a variety of locations through the Internet, while sitting in the control room.
* Intelligent control functions: facial recognition, brightness adjustment, speaker, camera, WIFI, 4G module available upon request.


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