ATL A1Transparent Video Screens 

Revolutionary ATL A1 High Resolution Transparent Video Screen - You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

The innovative high-resolution translucent video display panel is effectively utilized in the creation of artistic animations and visual impacts. In this instance, the video panel was set up using lightweight aluminum frames behind a glass wall overlooking a waterfall, resulting in a natural and peaceful ambiance. 
The clear video panel allows light to permeate through it, adding to the serene atmosphere while providing a view of the other side. With ease, you can upload images and videos that correspond with the time of day, such as messages and notifications, current rates and discounts, or the products offered by the hotel's stores including jewelry and clothing. 
This updated transparent video display panel costs more than fifty percent less than our previous high-resolution model, and with the TP2.8 promotion code, we're offering an additional ten percent discount. We are a direct source, supplying to global markets from the factory, and we can coordinate shipping and installation processes while also providing video tutorials. Contact us today for more information or a quote.
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