Window Retail Display

 "Unbelievable Innovation: Experience the Luminexads LCD Screen for Window Advertising!"

Introducing the LuminexAds, the ultimate solution for captivating store front window advertising. Get ready to make a lasting impression as the first point of contact for customers. Featuring a remarkable brightness level of 2500~3000nits, this display is specifically designed to grab the attention of your target audience.
No matter the conditions, the LuminexAds is built to perform flawlessly with its 24/7 operation capability. With unparalleled visual clarity, superior contrast, and high brightness even in challenging environments, your advertisements will shine like never before.Equipped with a powerful CPU and graphics processor, our outdoor advertising players come with an Android, Windows, or Linux operating system. This ensures that you can effortlessly handle demanding graphics, creating more attractive and immersive messages to captivate your audience.The anti-glare or anti-reflective glass frontage of the LuminexAds helps defuse direct sunlight, ensuring optimal visibility of your display. Additionally, the laminated glass option provides exceptional impact and bending strength - three to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Its impressive transmittance of ≥93%, solar heat insulation rate of ≥50%, and reflectivity of ≤3% guarantee efficient thermal insulation and reduced energy consumption.
Available in sizes ranging from 32 to 86 inches, our digital displays deliver an interactive user experience through audio, video, touchscreen, and other accessibility options. Perfect for a variety of industries and applications, these displays offer vibrant, animated video information that will captivate your audience.
Experience the highlights of the LuminexAds, including 1920*1080 Full-HD resolution with an option for 3840*2160 UHD resolution, 2000~3000nits brightness for sunlight readability, a high Tni industrial screen with a wide 105-degree viewing angle, and a super slim design with a thickness of only 85.3mm. With a simple HDMI plug-in or built-in Android 9.0 operating system, installation and operation are effortless.Efficiency is key with the LuminexAds. Its built-in smart brightness sensor automatically adjusts the backlight brightness based on ambient lighting conditions, saving power and ensuring optimal comfort for viewers. Thanks to the VESA hole in the back, installation options are limitless, whether you prefer ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or floor-standing configurations.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your advertising game with the innovative and visually stunning LuminexAds. Transform your store front window into an attention-grabbing spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.