K2 Projects and Videos

Guys Garage, Christchurch, New Zealand

Guys Garage have noticed a big improvment in their lighting after replacing all their

400W MH Highbays to our 150W K2 LED Highbays.

Tyre Retreaders 

Tyre Retreaders in Christchurch, are changing all their 400W Highbays over to the 150W

K2 LED Highbays with 65% energy saving and improvement in lighting for shelving and -


Comspec, Christchurch,New Zealand 

Comspec is a 24 hour recycling plant that uses a lot of energy to operate the plant.

Part of that is their 400W MH and Fluorescent T5 Highbays, now replacing all their

Lighting to our 150W K2 LED Highbays and as you see in this part of the factory just one

K2 Highbay lights up this store room, this video was taking on a cold and rainy day.

Comspec Owner Rob Fowler is very impressed with the better quality of light.

Only 300mm x 300mm and 80mm high this amazingly small 

150W K2 LED Highbay packs a punch with 170lm/w and will 

replace 400W MH Highbays up to 8metres high.

Compare LED Highbays

These 200W round LED highbays have poor vertical light-

For shelving when competing with daylight in morning and 

Late afternoon hours,

The ATL K2 150W LED highbays have exceptional light output

With excellent vertical lighting for shelving and jobs at eye level

As well as high lumens on the floor. 

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