"Revolutionize Your Presentations with TelliLectro, the Ultimate Interactive Lectern!"

Are you ready to take your presentations to the next level? Look no further! Our brand-new 22/43 inch standing video interactive combination lectern is here to revolutionize the way you engage with your audience.
🎥 Captivating Visual Experience:Experience crystal-clear visuals on the stunning 22/43 inch HD display that will captivate your audience from the moment you start presenting. Whether you're showcasing multimedia content, slides, or videos, this lectern will ensure that every detail is showcased flawlessly.
✨ Interactive Engagement:Take interactive presentations to new heights with the built-in touch-screen feature. Enable seamless interaction, allowing your audience to become active participants in the learning or discussion process. Ignite curiosity and fuel engagement like never before!
💡 Versatile and Convenient:Designed with convenience in mind, our combination lectern provides ample storage space for your presentation materials, accessories, and even personal belongings, keeping everything within arm's reach. The sturdy and adjustable height mechanism ensures that you maintain the perfect posture while presenting.
🚀 Boost Your Brand Presence:Not only does our standing video interactive combination lectern enhance your presentation, but it also elevates your brand presence. Impress your clients, students, or colleagues with a modern, sleek design that goes beyond the ordinary. Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with our innovative lectern.
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22/43 inch standing interactive combination lectern

Touch Parameters

This advanced technology utilises a sensor-grid comprised of micro-fine wires that have been embedded into the glass enveloping the screen. The presence of a human finger on the glass causes a change in the electrical characteristics of the sensor grid, thereby enabling touch detection. The glass overlay imparts a high level of durability to this technology, ensuring that the touch function remains unaffected even in the event of glass scratching.It delivers picture quality of unparalleled excellence and is compatible with the use of a human finger (both gauntleted with latex and unencumbered) as well as a stylus-pen.


10 Point touch display

The display is 22 inches in size and has a 10-point touch feature with a diagonal glass and AMVA panel. The resolution is Full HD with a precise projected capacitive 10-point touch mechanism that delivers seamless and accurate touch response. The BOE panel technology guarantees excellent color production and high performance with a high contrast rating, making it an ideal choice for multiple interactive applications that require a high degree of precision.



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