GostVision AI Mobile Navigator

GostVision AI Mobile NAVIGATOR 

Discover the future of mobile display technology with GostVision OLED Mobile! Experience OLED self-emitting technology for stunningly rich and vibrant colors.Enjoy transparent luminescence that delivers impeccable picture quality and ultra-high contrast for depth and clarity. With a high refresh rate and AI digital human interaction, GostVision OLED Mobile ensures a seamless and eye-friendly viewing experience.Explore automatic track setting for walking, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and support for capacitive touch for interactive versatility. Upgrade to GostVision OLED Mobile for a futuristic mobile experience today!


The GostVision-OLED Navigator offers a range of practical uses for events, exhibitions, and retail applications due to its advanced features. Here are some potential applications:
1. Events and Exhibitions Interactive Displays: The GostVision-OLED Navigator can be used in interactive displays at events and exhibitions to engage attendees with its transparent luminescence and vibrant colors. It can showcase product or brand information in a visually captivating manner.Navigation System: With its AI digital human interaction and automatic track setting for walking, the GostVision-OLED Navigator can guide attendees through the venue, providing directions, schedules, and information about different exhibits or areas.Obstacle Avoidance: The intelligent obstacle avoidance feature ensures safe navigation even in crowded event spaces, allowing for smooth movement without disruptions.
2. Retail Applications: Product Showcase: Retail stores can use the GostVision OLED Navigator to display products with high-quality images and videos that stand out due to the ultra-high contrast and vibrant colors. This can attract customers' attention and enhance the shopping experience.Interactive Kiosks: The capacitive touch support enables the use of the GostVision-OLED Navigator in interactive kiosks where customers can browse through products, access information, or place orders with ease.Wayfinding System: In a retail environment, the T-OLED Navigator can serve as a wayfinding system, guiding customers to different sections or products within the store, enhancing navigation and creating a futuristic retail experience.
3. General Applications: Enhanced Safety: The built-in lithium iron phosphate battery with an automatic return-to-charge system ensures continuous operation without safety concerns, making it suitable for long-duration events or exhibitions. Eye-catching Displays: The rich colors, high contrast, and high refresh rate of the GostVision-OLED Navigator make it ideal for creating visually stunning displays that grab attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers.
Overall, the GostVision-OLED Navigator's combination of advanced features makes it a versatile and futuristic tool for enhancing user experiences, providing information, and creating visually appealing displays in various event, exhibition, and retail settings.

Ai GostVision

OLED self-emitting technology, displaying rich and vibrant colors.Transparent luminescence, delivering perfect picture quality.Ultra-high contrast for a heightened sense of depth in the images; pure blacks and vivid brightness.High refresh rate, ensuring a lag-free viewing experience and promoting eye health. AI digital human interaction, adding a futuristic touch.Automatic track setting for walking, allowing for versatile applications in various scenarios.Intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatically navigating around obstacles while comprehensively sensing the surrounding environment.Support for capacitive touch, enabling human-machine interaction.

GostVision Specifications

Transparent display screen- Size: 55 Inch- Backlight type: OLED- Display resolution: 1920*1080- Ratio: 16 : 9- Luminance: 150 – 400 cd / ㎡- Contrast ratio: 100000:1- Viewing angle: 178°/178°R- Response time: 0.1ms (Gray To Gray)- Color depth: 10bit (R), 1.07 billion colors- Configuration System (To Be Determined):  - AD board: T982  - CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A55, main frequency up to 1.92GHz  - Internal storage: 2G  - Memory: 16G  - Operating system: Android 11  - Touch: Capacitive touch, 10-point control- Power battery parameters:  - Power supply input: AC 220V  - Battery voltage: 43.2V  - Battery capacity: 38.4V 25Ah  - Charging method: Automatic recharge at low charge rate, manual return within 5.5 hours  - Battery life: Over 2,000 complete charge and release cycles- Complete machine power consumption: < 250W- Work environment:  - Performance period: 7 days, 12 hours each  - Working temperature: 0℃~40℃  - Use humidity: 20%~80%- Structure:  - Material quality: Tempered glass + sheet metal  - Outline dimension: 1775*770*572mm (detailed in the structural dimensions diagram)
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